Career Plan Activity

Topics: Management, Decision making, Psychology Pages: 1 (356 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Career Plan Building Activity
While working on the Career Plan Building Activities, precisely the Competencies task, I have to understand first the results that I got. It is imperative to comprehend that in order to become a better communicator and manager I need to improve my communication techniques by developing strategies in listening, expression, understanding others arguments and taking criticism positively. Understanding my personal competencies will help me out to enable new ideas that will decrease the level of risk in decision making, and not to be afraid of failing, because managers do not plan for failure. It will also help me to be a more proactive while strategically influencing others and persuade and inspire them. It will allow me to stay focused, try to see others point of view, look for compromise in others and ask for help when need it. I will need to expand the subject of taking criticism positively so I can reinforce my strategizing, taking initiative and delivering results. I will need to respond to criticism with empathy to lead a group under my responsibility when I will have to resolve work group conflicts or influence in others work, not to forget to deal with employee behavior issues. To plan effectively I need to listen carefully and understand others to set right goals in a group and achieve them by delivering great results. To organize I need to develop an accurate expression and feedback technique so my group of employees feels comfortable with the tasks that they are given and the decisions that we need to take as a group. To control the right way I need to develop the avoiding arguments technique in order to achieve goals and keep the job on the right track. I need to focus on taking initiative, strategizing and delivering results to finally be resourceful and able to manage high risk projects and make decisions. It is imperious to be self-driven to become up to speed in new areas while not giving up and listening...
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