Career Plan

Topics: Career, Sociology, Psychology Pages: 2 (425 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Career Plan Summary
Valerie Pickett
David Levosky

According to the Career Interest Profiler my careers would involve being social, conventional and investigative. My social occupation would be teaching, providing care or services to others and it will also involve various forms of communication. My conventional occupation would include having a set routine and following instructions. In this I would be working with data and details. Last, the investigative occupations would involve using critical thinking, problems solving skills, being creative and working with ideas.

My top three results career matches with interest profiler were Personal Care and Services and none of the careers in that field interested me. The second was Community and Social Services and there were a couple of careers that grabbed my attention like, the Healthcare Social worker and Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social worker. Now to my surprise the field that I am going into was third and that was the Healthcare Practitioners and Technical career field. There were a few careers in this filed I am interested in for example the Medical Records Clerk, Hospital Management and Health Administration which is why I am attending university of Phoenix. In the Competencies part of my career plan my top three strengths were coping with pressure, following instructions and being organized and I do agree with these results Ive always been able to perform under pressure, I do take direction very well and being unorganized is a pet peeve of mine. The areas I would need to work on are adhering to values, staying goal focused and being able to deliver. Again, I agree that I need to make more of an effort in these areas in order to be successful in my career goal. The work culture results were very good I was pleased with them. It said that I am team work centered which means I am able to work in a team environment, working closely with others and a sharing atmosphere....
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