career pathway social work

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Career pathway social work
In November 2009, the Care Council produced ‘Social Work Career Pathway, A Discussion Paper’. This paper sets out a plan for developing a national career pathway for social workers in Wales, linked to a framework for post qualifying education and training. The proposed career pathway is intended to strengthen the retention of experienced social workers in frontline roles. It is also designed to ensure that social workers have the necessary knowledge and skills, and access to learning and support, to help them deliver high-quality services at all stages of their careers. The career pathway caters for newly-qualified social workers, as well as experienced practitioners, and the development of new roles such as the Consultant Social Worker. The career pathway discussion paper was the subject of a report to Care Council in January 2010. The paper was circulated widely to and discussed by stakeholders including with the National Strategic Advisory Partnership for Social Work Training, the Welsh Assembly Government, the Association of Directors of Social Services. Overall, there is support for the career pathway model and the opportunity it presents for raising the status of the social work profession and standards of practice. The proposed career pathway and associated Continuing Professional Education and Learning (CPEL) framework has been presented to the Social Work and Social Care Workforce Task Group established by the Deputy Minister for Social Services. The Task Group has agreed that the career pathway and CPEL framework should be recommended to the Deputy Minister when the Task Group reports in November 2010. - See more at:
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