Career Path of a Surgeon

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The career path as a surgeon is a physician who specialises in a specific treatment of injury, disease, or deformity through operations. Surgeon’s correct physical deformities, repair bone and tissue after certain impairment, or perform defensive surgeries on patients with a major disease or disorder. The changing nature of surgeons has changed in expeditious manner during the past 20-30 years and yet is still planning to change dramatically over the future. The job demands of a surgeon keep increasing due to having such a large population, as the population grows the demands of surgeons will only increase as the population increases. There are 32 different major types of surgeons some of them include: Brain Surgeon, Cardiac Surgeon, Cardiovascular Surgeon, Brain Surgeon, Colon and Rectal Surgeon and a Cosmetic Surgeon. The demand of nursing Training to become a graduated surgeon lengths from 6-10 years of formal education and workplace training. Even after all formal training is completed ongoing extensive reading is a high priority so that new skills and procedures are developed every day. The technology and methods have changed rapidly to improve the health care system in hospitals for guaranteed results of effectiveness throughout all surgeries, efficiency and improvement for all patients in employees in workplace.

Ways in which people participate
Employment through the health sciences industry can vary between part time or full time.Many surgeons work, long, perculiar hours. Over one third of full-time surgeons worked over 60 hours in one week in the year of 2004. Whereas, only eight percent of all surgeons worked part time, compared with 16% of other occupations. Surgeons have to travel frequently between office and the hospital to care for their patients. On call surgeons deal with several different patients concerns via telephone and may have to take emergency visits to hospitals, nursing homes or a patients home. Volunteer work is offered to surgeons after graduating as well as while doing the degree for hands on experience to get signed off, you must have a large quantity of hours to graduate from the degree. Having a full time job as a surgeon means that you have extremely long hours while working a five day week, if necessary you will be placed on a weekend or public holiday shift. Surgeons do not have a say in their shifts and they are placed automatically on a non-negotiable manner.

Figure 1.1

Education Requirements

Entry Requirements
In order to become a registered surgeon, studying formally at University will gain a guaranteed entry into the surgeon industry. To further into University after schooling you must have a completion of SACE. Degree courses in South Australia for Surgeons include:

Degree Course:
Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery, 6 years full time
Adelaide University, Pre requisites to get into this degree is to do either one of the following three lessons throughout secondary school, the three options are: Biology, Chemistry or Mathematical Studies. Beforehand, a police check is necessary to conduct clearance of history and law rights.

In 1950, the Royal College of Surgeons of England which is located in London to offer surgeons a formal declaration of completion. The title ‘mister’ became the badge of honour, and after someone graduated from medical school with a high degree of ‘MBBS’ or ‘MB CHB’ in certain countries they are then called a ‘Doctor.’ Four years further that of workplace training they would formally be called a ‘Surgeon.’ The training has always been high to become a surgeon because it is such a high level and dangerous job, you can either save or risk clients lives and surgeons need to know what they are doing while being confident at it. Employee Participation

Females have a lower rate of employment comparing to males, whereas females have a higher rate in certain aspects of the medical industry such as midwifing and nursing....
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