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My Education and Career Path
Computer Programmer

Job Description/Job Duties
A stereotypical computer programmer is some nerd, sitting in a cubical, typing code into a computer all day long, and then they go home sleep, rinse and repeat. Fortunately in real life computer programmers aren’t nerds that sat at cubicles all day. Yes, a part of their jobs includes typing code into a computer and telling it what to do Computer programmers can code anything they want, from making a program display photos you took, to making a program keep track of you meals for the week. The first stage in their work involves dealing with clients and asking what they want their software to do. The next step is putting together a plan that tells the clients what he plans to make the software do, changes will be made according to the clients needs. The planning and designing stage is usually handled by a senior programmer. Next After doing the research I am still interested in this field of work because it they do the actual coding of the software. Lastly they test the software, and check for errors in the code. This process is called debugging. There are usually two types of programmers, application programmers and system programmers. Application programmers code software to perform tasks for the user. System programmers look at computers as a whole and make sure each parts work well on each other. I want to select this occupation because coding seems like a very fun thing to do in general. Discovering the programs you can make with just a keyboard it fascinating. You can create an entire universe at the tip of your fingers. In addition to being able to create anything I want, it also allows me to work on my schedule. I get to work when I want, wherever I am.

Education and Training
During high school try to take as much computer programming courses as possible, because it will help you get as comfortable with programming software as possible. Most employers usually require a certain level of academic knowledge. The level of training required for each job varies depending on the complexity of the job. Bigger companies usually require a 4-year bachelor’s degree. Smaller companies with less programming needs may only require a 2-3 year degree. A general pathway starts at high school or middle school. Taking a computer science course in high school will give you a taste of what coding is like. Then for post secondary, there are countless options for post secondary. A programmer can get certified everywhere, Colleges offer plenty of options, as do Universities. To apply at the University of Toronto, you need 6 Gr12 University courses in high school along with the diploma. An undergraduate degree, for computer science can take around 4 years of studying. The tuition cost are around $6000/year and additional cost can add up to $1200/year. The University of Toronto offers 2 summer internship programs. They both pay students to work on a research project, students can use the money they get paid to pay for parts of the tuition.

Specialized Skills
One specialized skill may include knowing how to code in a computer programming language, such as java, or python. Each language is different; some are similar to other languages, and completely different from another. For example java and C++ are very similar languages since they are both “object oriented” languages. Knowing a language is one skill but learning to stay organized while programming is another skill. Keeping code neat and readable is really important to being a coder because if you were to give the code to another person they must be able to read it and adjust it as needed. Knowing how to document your code for easy access is another specialized skill one would need to be in this field.I do know how to code simple programs, and I try to keep my code as neat as possible so that I don’t get confused and neither does anyone else who reads my code. Knowing how to document your code...
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