Career Management Methods

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Effective Methods for Career Management
Career management is the combination of choosing a career and managing it through structured planning and methods application to fulfill sub-optimized goals. These are generally (i.e. for most people choosing to manage their careers and not let life happen by chance): Personal fulfillment

Work-life balance
Goals achievement
Financial assurity.

Widely used pattern, a method to classify the relevant steps of structured career management includes: 1. Set your overall goals and objectives
2. Device a strategy with the intent to achieve the goals set 3. Create a framework to implement your strategy within e.g. rules, procedures and activities to embark upon. Make sure to address your distinct limitations too: e.g. No career in a non-English speaking country. The limitations could be anything but keep in mind, the more narrow your focus, the harder it will be to realize it. 4. Systematic evaluation process. How do you evaluate if the implementation of your strategy is going the way it was intended to. 5. Plan B. (this is quite unique to but we find it important). You ought to have a plan B. And in your rules set you need to have success evaluation criteria that you can act upon before it is too late. Life is a destination and not a journey. There is an ending point and your overall objective must be to maximize your career goals and opportunities before you are “terminated”, literally. Therefore, a solid plan B must be invoked should plan A derail
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