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Topics: Dental hygienist, Bachelor's degree, Physician Pages: 1 (436 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Dental Hygienists jobs can range from pre-procedure care to in office care to post-procedure care. They remove hard and soft plaque deposits from the patient’s teeth, observe the teeth and gums to determine whether there are oral diseases or abnormalities, perform and plan periodontal therapy, take x-rays, and apply cavity deterring agents such as fluorides. This job interests me because I would like a profession in the medical field, but I don’t want a profession that will have a hospital type environment. I don’t mind being at the hospital for practice and what not, but I don’t want to spend my whole career in a hospital. I feel too panicky and on edge, just because I know the hospital is a place for the sick and sometimes dyeing; that just bothers me. But on the other hand, a dental hygienist works in a dental office, and since I want to be a pediatric dental hygienist I will work with children, which I already love to do. Really, teeth just interest me and kids are fun. After doing research I have concluded that it is best to earn a bachelors degree in order to become a dental hygienist. It normally takes four years to receive a bachelor’s degree, which is undergraduate school. I would probably attend Tarrant county community college for my first two years, or just do the whole four years at UTA. For this occupation, you would need patients, happiness, and persistence, but the one in my eyes that you would need the most is happiness. My reasoning for this is for the main idea that I’m going to be working with children, and no child is going to want an unhappy doctor messing with their teeth. If I can be a bubbly person with patience and persistence I can allow the children to have the most comfortable stay possible. Three other careers that would go hand in hand with this career would be the actual dentist, orthodontist, and periodontist because they all work with the teeth and around the teeth. After...
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