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Topics: Business, Sime Darby, Primary education Pages: 2 (376 words) Published: September 27, 2014
British businessmen, William Sime and Henry Darby established Sime, Darby & Co., a fledgling player in the lucrative rubber industry. I adore them very much. I wish I could be like them. That is why I choose to be in this sector. I want to be part of Sime Darby company. I am passionate and thrive on working in an atmosphere of diversity and high-performance. As Malaysian, I desire to be a part of building nations. I love business very much. My studies cover more on marketing, business management and accountancy field. I am a talkative person and have good self-confidence when I talk about something. As notice, confidence is very important to build great company. Many people will trust and dare enough to join the company’s investment. More or less I able to create better economies and bring something difference to my society and country that I live in which is Malaysia. Thus, to become a succeed person, I really need someone who can attract, motivate, develop and engage my talents to become outstanding professionals and dynamic citizens of the world.

Sime Darby Co. is one of the well-known companies in Malaysia. I have heard about it since I was in primary school. I love to hear this company succeed in various sectors. They also provide scholarship to students who really need it. It is so amazing. Because of that, I want to apply Sime Darby’s scholarship to accommodate my degree program. I came from poor family. My parents passed away since I was in primary school. Now, I live with my grandmother and my younger brother. He is still in secondary school. I just want to reduce my grandmother’s burden. That is why I really need this scholarship. I want to proof to the world I also can become great person. I wish I could work in this company too. I want to share my skills and talents so the company will become more successful. Moreover, I love business very much....
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