Career Image

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Career Image refers to a person’s image towards other staff in a working place. It includes appearance, morality, professional skills and knowledge structure. Moreover, they are reflected by a person’s professional attitude and skills via his dressing, speech and deportment.

In addition, different companies have different requirements towards a person’s career image. A person should never act according to his will regardless of other's opinions and ignore the policies of the organization. Otherwise, he is ruining his career. A person’s career image should fit in with the mainstream culture so as to have achievement in his career.


There are several standards of career image. Firstly, a person’s career image needs to fit in with his temperament. Secondly, a person’s career image needs to fit in with his age. Thirdly, a person’s career image needs to fit in with the organization culture. Fourthly, a person’s career image needs to fit in with the characteristics of his occupation. Las but not least, a person’s career image needs to fit in with the requirement of the requirement of his occupation. A person’s behavior is depends on different occasions. A person needs to dress up to open out his strengths and respect others at the same time.



There is a close relationship between career image and a person’s career development.

Firstly, a first impression is a key in recruitment and social activities. Career image is a crucial element in the interviews as many organizations think that the candidates with bad career image would not agreed by his colleagues and clients....
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