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Career Goal Setting Worksheet

Respond to the following questions in 50 to 100 words each:

1. Create one professional goal using the SMART goal setting techniques you learned in Week Two. How did the results of the Career Interest Profiler and Career Plan Building Activity on Competencies contribute to your professional goal development?

S- To obtain my Associates degree in Health and Wellness, so I can become an Occupational Therapist Assistant.

M- I want to complete each class with an A.

A- I will obtain this by creating a study schedule and to study for the Occupation Therapist Assistant Exam.

R- Log in and participate in class discussion, and to take one paper at a time. I want to take the Occupation Therapist Assistant Exam.

T- I want to obtain my Associates degree by Spring 2016.

I would say it contribute a lot in my decision making for my SMART goal. The Career Interest Profiler and Career Plan Building Activity on Competencies matched me with jobs I’ve never even consider I would be matched too. Now I want to change my career path from electronic filing to health and wellness. This job requires Interpersonal skills and I scored a 20 which is great.

2. Describe how you will balance academic expectations and your personal and professional responsibilities.

Using the SMART criteria I have set a goal to look into the job that I know I’m really interested in and pertaining to that career field I have chosen. I feel like I’m in connection with my competencies, and pursuing a career choice not only I know I will be great at but also happy too.

3. How can understanding the importance of SMART criteria and your career interests and competencies help you move toward your career and academic goals?

I will balance my academic expectations and my personal and professional responsibilities by creating and following a weekly schedule. I will study and go...
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