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Topics: Programming language, Computer program, Computer programming Pages: 2 (757 words) Published: October 27, 2014
FINAL Name Kolin Hurlock Describe the SELF ASSESSMENT process, include the results from your INTEREST, SKILLS ABILITIES, PERSONALITY, and VALUES. The self assessment process was the first stage in learning about myself and the biggest part or the class that would help guide me towards my ideal career and path to the future. First you have to reflect on what kind of person you are and examine your interests and personality. I have never really taken to much time to sit down and look at my interests, skills and abilities, personality and values. Based on the Holland Interest Environments, I am Realistic, Investigative and Conventional. Categorizing yourself into interests groups helps you reflect on how you might handle a situation as opposed to someone else and where your strengths lie. Also, The Holland Interest Environments suggest many careers that matches up with your values, interests, personality, skills and abilities. Some of the skills and abilities that I have include Operating tools, Playing sports, Repairing, Doing complex calculations, Solving math problems, Keeping accurate records, organizing and using a computer. My Jung-Meyers-Briggs type indicator is ISTJ, Introversion, Sensing, Thinking, Judgment. IDENTIFY CAREER OPTIONS that are a match for the above assessments. I found a few options for careers that fit my self assessments as well as sparked many hours of research and exploring. One of which was computer programming. Computer Programmers write and maintain computer programs. They follow programming procedures to write detailed instructions to the computer to solve storage, processing, retrieval, mathematical, business, engineering, and scientific problems. They determine the best use of the computer to achieve the desired output. They write programs using a computer language. They test these programs for bugs and correct errors. To maintain programs and make changes to these programs. They document the process, prepare information about the...
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