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Right now I am in college in hopes of becoming a great OB/GYN one day. According to occupational outlook handbook it falls under the category of Physicians and Surgeons but it didn’t give me a full outlook on my specific specialization. In a brief summary OB/GYN are specialists whose focus is women’s health. They are responsible for general medical care for women, but also provide care related to pregnancy and the reproductive system. Ob/GYN also specialize in childbirth, treating and counseling women throughout their pregnancy, from giving prenatal diagnoses to delivery and postpartum care. Ob/GYN track the health of, and treat, both mother and fetus. The median expected salary for a typical Physician - Obstetrics/Gynecology in the United States is $255,194. OBGYNs must pursue a 4-year undergraduate degree such as a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology after graduating from a bachelor's degree program, OBGYNs are required to pass the MCAT to gain entry into medical school. The MCAT which is an intensive, exam that tests students on biology, chemistry and physics. OBGYNs must complete a 4-year medical school program. OBGYNs take many of the same courses as general physicians, but some may choose classes with a concentration in obstetrics and gynecology. After concluding the academic portion of their training, OBGYN students must complete an internship and residency in a hospital. An internship is usually a year long, while a medical residency may last between 3-7 years. During a medical residency, OBGYN students are paid employees and may evaluate patients, create treatment plans and observe patient progress. Working conditions are usually pleasant with the work environment being indoors in well lighted exam rooms and hospitals. Hours of work frequently exceed 60 hours a week in the busier practices. This typically can result in being awakened at all hours of the night and/or being asked to come in at irregular times to evaluate a patient.
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