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Career Essay: Lawyer
Destiny Thompson
Everest University Online

September 28, 2012

Career Essay: Lawyer

Lawyers serve as both advocates and advisers. Lawyers can also be called attorneys and counselors. They can interpret laws, apply laws in some situations, and even draft new laws. Advocates speak for clients in court by presenting supportive evidence. Advisers counsel clients on their legal rights and obligations. To become a lawyer you must meet many qualifications and its very time consuming. They help people on an everyday basis which I personally think is amazing.

To become a lawyer you have to go through a lot of schooling. To begin with you have to get your bachelor’s degree and pass their Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Further on in this essay I will talk about the various fields you can get into in law. People wanting to become lawyers should improve their reading, speaking, and argumentation skills when they are in college. Some even find that courses in political science and English help to advances these skills and help find a medium for presenting facts or arguing a position. Usually law students go to school for three years, where they can earn a Juris Doctor degree if they successfully complete the degree program. In most cases, the law students that get this degree can go on and in about 1.5 year they can begin to enroll in other courses. Some go into environmental law or even bankruptcy law. They can also begin applying for externships where they will be allowed to observe and participate in legal procedures. To get their J.D. degree, law students must bass the bar exam either for the state they live in or the for the U.S. territory.

A lawyer can serve as an advocate, an adviser, or even both in some cases. Advocates speak for clients in a courtroom by supporting them with evidence. Whereas, advisers counsel clients on legal rights. Lawyers are able to interpret laws, apply...

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