Career Episode of Electrical Engineer

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Career Episode


In my first career episode I describe my last projects with Uhde ThyssenKrupp. I have been working with Uhde since November 18, 2006 until March 12, 2008. There are two distinct periods: one in Saudi Arabia where I've worked as Process Engineer - Commissioning

Supervisor for Safco 4 Project (period of November 18, 2006 - June 15, 2007) and the second period as Process Engineer - Consultant in Head Quarter office, Dortmund - Germany (period of August 7, 2007 - March 12, 2008).

Saudi Arabia SAFCO 4 Project (SABIC Company) Jubail City.

As Commissioning Supervisor for Ammonia Plant in SAFCO 4 I was responsible for plant preparation for "Sustaining Load Test" and "Performance Test" of 3300 mtpd of the

world's largest ammonia plant. I coordinated the Client Company - SAFCO operation personnel and I collaborated with other Uhde engineering departments such as Mechanical,

Instrumentation, Rotary and Electrical ones. As a daily routine I checked the plant parameters, collected the data from the field and Control Room, lab analysis, and took decisions regarding the operations and maneuvers that had to be done in order to achieve the plant design specifications. During the plant test and inevitable trips and shut-downs I was directly involved in investigations regarding the cause and effect, route cause analysis and field inspections. After all the data had been collected, all the investigations had been done and after a conclusion had been taken, I was a member of engineering team who made the final reports, taking the appropriate measures in order to prevent future hazards. I analyzed the design mistakes and the effect during the plan normal operations. In close contact with Engineering Design department I proposed solutions in order to improve the process and to achieve the design parameters of the plant. commissioning and normal operation, a series Also after the construction stage, during appeared.

of erection and construction errors

Together with the Mechanical and Civil engineering department I prepared the action plan for corrections. All the major design mistakes, constructions errors, and other technical problems heat exchangers internal by-pass, or broken tubes, internal columns

(catalyst poisoning,

disturbing, etc) were corrected during the Turn Around shut-down of the plant (period of January 20, 2008 - February 20, 2008). As former Commissioning Supervisor, I coordinated the shut

down plan and I was responsible for the site progress of all the engineering departments: Civil, Mechanical, Instrumentation. Electrical, and Rotary.

The organization chart for Safco 4 Project w a s :

Germany - Dortmund: Uhde ThyssenKrupp office head-quarters

As Process Engineer Consultant for Uhde I did preparations for H A Z O P study, checked and correcting the PID, PFD. data sheets, Trip Schedule, emissions and consumption lists for EAgrium Fertilizer Project from Egypt. For future Ca Mau Fertilizer Project (Vietnam) I was responsible for technical background support for Uhde sales team. During the bidding process, together with the sales department I prepared the engineering documentation (material balance sheet, emission and consumption lists, PFD's) for client company P V F C C - Petrovietnam. Another task was field inspecting for Duslo Sala revamping project in Slovak Republic. There, as Uhde licensor representative, I investigated the final construction stage to compare with the original PID, analyzing the effects and impacts of potential erection and construction errors to commissioning and start up of the plant.




Saudi Arabia SAFCO 4 Project (SABIC Company) Jubail City.

During Saudi Arabian SAFCO 4 Project, I did the preparations of ammonia plant for Final Performance Test. When I started the project, the commissioning had already been on The "bottle

going for 6 months, and the maximum design capacity had not been reached...
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