Career Development Plan Summary

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Career Development Plan Summary
Diane Pressel
HRM 531
December 13, 2010
Sherri Johnson

Career Development Plan Summary
Kudler Fine Foods is creating new responsibilities for certain teams within the organization. The team that I am responsible for will begin ordering for the Bakeries of all three stores. This is a role that Kathy Kudler has previously held. The responsibility that my team currently has for Kudler Fine Foods is to run the Bakery of the La Jolla, California, store. The team will increase from four to nine employees. This report will provide an explanation of the current and new job responsibilities. Training requirements for the existing and new employees will be provided. The performance evaluation process for both individual associates, and as a team will be reviewed. Challenges that may be presented with the evaluation process will be included. Items such as incentives, benefit packages, career development, and compensation plan will conclude this report. Current and New Roles

The Bakery Team of La Jolla’s store currently consists of four employees plus myself. Jeff Lynch and Sue Anderson are both lead Bakers. April Cox and Sarah Byrd are the Bakery Sales associates. The team members who will be ordering for the other two stores will work from the store for which they will be placing orders. The exception will be that they will be expected to attend the bi-weekly team meeting that will be held at the La Jolla store. The new roles added are described below. First Level Manager: Tracey Willingham will fill this role. Tracey has been with Kudler Fine Foods since Kathy Kudler opened the La Jolla Store. She has held many positions during this time. She has a vast knowledge of all areas of the store and will be an asset to the team. She will be the manager of both existing and new associates. Order Clerk for La Jolla Store: Sarah Ross was selected for this role as she has also been with the La Jolla store since the beginning. She began as a cashier and has advanced to her current position of Lead Sales Associate for the Wine Division of the La Jolla Store. Order Clerk for the Del Mar Store: April Fett is new to Kudler Fine Foods. She has experience working with Fine Foods stores in the New York area. She has recently moved to California to be closer to her family. April will continue in this role once the Del Mar store is closed and the transition is made to the Carlsbad store. Order Clerk for Encinitas Store: Jesse Driscoll will be responsible for placing the orders for the Encinitas store. Jesse worked for Kudler Fine Foods when he was in high school as a stocker. He has completed college and will return to Kudler Fine Foods in this new role. Trainer, Reports, Backup: The last position to be filled in the reorganization of the team is to be filled by Mary Johnson. Mary has been with Kudler Fine Foods for three years. She has had experience as a Baking, Fruit, and Wine Sales Associate. She will be responsible for providing training to those who will be ordering. She will also be responsible for tracking the ordering process of all three stores. She will keep Tracey and myself updated each week with the orders that have been placed by each store as well as any trends she finds while creating the reports. Mary will also be a backup order associate for Sarah, April and Jesse when they are take vacation time. Training Plans

Because Kathy has always covered the ordering for all stores, our first training steps will be for Mary to spend time with Kathy over the next month to learn the ordering process. After completing this training, the next week she will refresh her memory of how the Bakery operates. Her days will be split between time with the Bakers and the Sales Associates. During this time, she will also ask customers for any suggestions of items they want to see at the Bakery, so that the team can consider making improvements to the items...

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