Career Development Integration: Personal Experience

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Career Development
Integration Paper
Integration Paper

I can remember being in fifth grade telling my mom I was going to win the history award for my class. I had always been interested in history, so when I came to college it only made since to look at history as a major, and career option. Career Development has helped me to decide what direction I want to go with my college education. We did many activates such as focus, informational interviews, panel discussions, classroom activities, as well as discovering our strength themes. It has also made me aware of different programs and resources that are available at Mansfield University.

The focus activity we did in class showed us recommended careers based on how we answered the questions it asked. For me it was not as helpful as it was for other students. For the most part it recommended careers in the educational and counseling fields. It also had a few careers in the law field and jobs in the Library. These careers were not what I was interested in. I did notice that for most of the careers it recommended, a major in history was attached. I am very interest in history, and would like to work in a museum setting as a curator.

For my informational interview, I interviewed Matt Carl form the Bradford County Historical Society. He is both manager, and curator. I learned he did not go to college to get his position. Since the age of ten he had been involved in local museums, and historical Society, which is where he got his experience for his position. He stressed the importance of experience. He recommended getting jobs, internships, and just volunteer in order to gain experience. He also talked about what it is he does as curator, and manager. He said that every day is different. This was appealing to me. He also described the setting as relaxed, which was also appealing to me. Overall I enjoyed my interview and learned a lot. The only problem was that he was more focused on local...
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