Career Counselling 1

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Career Counselling

Career counselling is now a days an emerging field in counselling, which gives relevant information regarding different career. Career Guidance helps the students to select the career according to their choice and interest. Career counselling is now being increasingly stressed as an integral part of education.Inorder to secure the right job, the right career choice is formost in the minds of every job seeker with /with out professional qualifications. The demands of the modern age are very complex. In addition to the right kind of job, and the right approach in this direction.

The original approach to formal vocational counseling is generally traced back to Frank Parsons (1909). Parsons became interested in unemployed school leavers and developed a counseling service in the Boston Civic House, a social settlement. In 1909, he published a book (Choosing a Vocation) in which he structured the three steps of vocational counseling as he viewed them in practice: self-analysis, occupational analysis, and true reasoning or counseling to relate personal and occupational information. Since Parsons' original contribution, a variety of approaches to career counseling have been developed representing a rich range of intellectual perspectives. Differential, developmental, social learning, cognitive, sociological, economic, and mathematical models have all been used. Career Counselling can be defined as the process of helping and enabling people in their career development. Career counselling and guidance may involve both face-to-face help or may be mediated through telephone, letter, text, or even the internet. However, most important of all remains the one-to-one interview between the career counsellor and the client. A career counsellor would be facing clients who are making career decisions and choices or coping with life changes, which relate to their working life -- career changes, redundancy and unemployment. In 1981, Crites used this model and methods of career counseling to define the unique parameters of a given career counseling approach and provide a schema for synthesizing the approaches (trait-and-factor, client-centered, psychodynamic, developmental, and behavioral). The methods of career counseling are more pragmatic than theoretical and attempt to translate the model into operational terms ( Crites, 1981). They include the interview techniques used by the counselor, the test-interpretation procedures engaged in by the client and counselor, and the acquisition and use of occupational information. Career Counselling is a life long process since the individual choose an occupation, prepare for it, and make progress in it. Career Counselling has to do with knowing their interest, selection of their subject, formation of their study habit and make them progress in those subject and activities and attain the ultimate aim of getting good career as per their wish.

It is concerned primarly with helping the individual to make decisions and chocies involved in planning for future and to form career decisions and choice necessary in affecting career adjustment. It stands to take necessary care of the interest of the individual. Career counselling is a personalized process that combines both intuitive and cognitive techniques to help to understand oneself, explore career options, and clarify and attain desired career goals. The processes of career counselling offer insight, guidance and support to help students to understand and manage different career and lifestyle issues. Jones et al. (1970) proposed that the following five assumptions underlie the trait-factor conception of vocational development:

Vocational development is largely a cognitive process in which the individual uses reasoning to arrive at his decision Occupational choice is a single event
There is a single right goal for everyone making decisions about work. A single type of person works in each job.
There is an occupational...
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