Career Choice: Network and Computer Systems Administrator

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Career Choice: Network and Computer Systems Administrator
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July 26, 2009

A network and systems administrator is responsible for network security, installing new applications, implementing software updates, monitoring the integrity of the system, developing management programs, and performing routine backups. As has been noted throughout my research, there has been a decline in technology majors throughout the past couple of years, thus affecting the job market. The survey that was conducted on high school seniors, as well as research done by some universities, has proven that lack of information and interest affects this type of career choice. By properly informing potential technology students and offering them resources, we can better equip our future system and network administrators to perform to their potential.

Topic Proposal
Author Background
An interest in computers came to my attention shortly after graduating from high school. I first involved myself in working with cameras and fixing them for several customers. The satisfying knowledge that I gained came from realizing that I could take apart, fix a piece of technology and do it well. Computers as a hobby came only after my brother gave me one to fix and keep for my use. Although I was daunted at first, I took apart and drew diagrams, to remember where the components where located. I had no previous experience from computers that I had learned at my high school, so I used the knowledge of camera troubleshooting to apply to computer diagnostics. After several years, I had gained some hands-on experience in how this type of technology worked. During my sophomore year at college, I came across an information session fair about technology careers. At the fair, I realized that there were many specialized areas and that I was interested in pursuing the maintenance and upgrading of computers systems in a large company. There were several areas that interested me but the one that caught my attention was the systems administrator. This particular one has an emphasis on networking which is exactly what I was looking for. I never knew exactly what a system administrator responsibilities were, other than manage the company’s network. As mentioned in the article What do system administrators really do: A System administrator is one who finds themselves hard pressed to make other people, even supervisors, understand the jobs that they perform. The manager must not only work with the equipment in the system, but with all of the people involved in the day-to-day use of the system, a monumental commitment (Kolstad, 1991). I have also discovered that it is essential in having certifications along with your degree. “By passing Microsoft's series of exams, you prove to yourself, your employer and your peers that you deeply understand the underlying technology in your Windows environment. You also prove that you understand the job role that's been assigned to you as an IT professional”, stated Greg Shields, an author for Tech Net Magazine (Shields, 2009). The results of the collected research will provide topics such as salary, job requirements, and benefits of taking a career in the field of Network and Computer Systems Administrator. A brief overview of the benefits in choosing this field in technology are: great salary; self and collegiate respect; and to be a part of collaborate effort in new technological advances for society in general. Introduction

According to the student web site, Say Campus Life, computer technology career choices are down 10% this year, showing a decline over the last 10 years. High school graduate interest in computer science careers, such as Network and Computer Systems Administrator, may be waning due to lack of the necessary information as well as other factors that will assist them to choose this path (Carter, 2005). As high school seniors prepare for...

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