Career Awareness

Topics: Mathematics, Science, Learning Pages: 1 (294 words) Published: October 26, 2011
Divya Agarwal
LA II CP Jetton

During Career Awareness Week, I attended the guest speaker panel on Engineering and technology. I came to this panel with the idea that there would be some information about he Architectural field. I realized that that career was not included in this session, but stayed because of my slight interest in Engineering. This session gave me the opportunity to become aware of all of the aspects in the Engineering field. I learned many things from the panel, such as: the classes that require a deeper understanding of the material, the necessary skills, and the different fields and job options in this career. The guest speakers mentioned the importance of a strong background in the science and math fields. I had been aware of this from before; however, hearing the speakers stress this fact, made this more valid. This made me feel more confident about entering Engineering because I am strong in math and sciences. The guest speakers also mentioned many varieties of engineering present in the industry. I learned that some jobs use more computer and logic skills while others are more hands on. I was more interested in the hands on part of this career but I was open to the part using computers because of my strength in that area. I also learned some things in the panel that concerned me. A few of the skills required in this field are social skills, communication skills, and teamwork. I have great difficulty in communication and social skills. After hearing the importance of these two skills I am determined to improve them. One important thing that I learned from this guest panel was to keep my career options open and not be narrow minded.
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