Career as a Police Officer

Topics: Police, Police officer, St. Louis, Missouri Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: April 17, 2011
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Anthony L. Smith Jr.
April 26, 2010

Interview with Sgt. Jeffery

I interviewed Sergeant Craig Jeffery who is a police officer for the Saint Louis County. He is assigned to the Division of Patrol as a watch supervisor in the North County Precinct. He is responsible for supervising police patrol officers who carry out day to day routine crime suppression and investigates complaints. Jeffrey started his career as a patrol officer with the St. Louis Police County Department in 1991, in which He was assigned as a patrolman in the North County Precinct. In 1993 He entered the Bureau of Drug Enforcement in Saint Louis, in which he was involved with several illegal drug investigations. In 1998, Sergeant Jeffery was assigned to the (DEA) Drug Enforcement Administration, in which he was granted Federal Jurisdiction. Jeffery, obtained a bachelor’s degree from the American Intercontinental University in Criminal justice in 2001, Jeffery was promoted in 2003 to sergeant and is presently the patrol supervisor in the North County Precinct. Jeffery has achieved awards of Excellence, One chief’s Commendation, and One Distinguished Service Citation Although Sergeant Jeffery never had a chance to work in the Homicide, K-9, or S.W.A.T units he always wanted to work with these units (According to Sgt Jeffery) every officer responsibility is to serve and protect the communities that is the St Louis County Police Department Motto. In March 2005 the St. Louis County Police department was provided with a K-9 unit in which consist of a supervisor and six highly trained canine dogs, in which own by the police officers. These dogs are specially trained for suspect apprehensions, help in searching for missing person, drugs, and explosives. The Special Weapons and Tactics S.W.A.T are specialized police officers. These officers are highly trained in certain categories to with stand the duty of hostage rescue...
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