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I am interested in being an ultrasound technician. I have interviewed a registered nurse and an ultrasound technician. I have also read reviews online posted by registered nurses and doctors. After reading and reviewing these interviews I have come to the conclusion that I have made a good choice.

While interviewing Dr. Nowak, an ultrasound technician, I gathered a lot of information useful in choosing a career. Dr. Nowak explained to me many aspects of being an ultrasound technician. During this interview I have learned that you to take a least 4 years of college. I learned what ultrasound technician do and the ultrasound technician scans pregnant women’s and also they scan other parts of your body’s. It is not hard to find a job and there are a lot of opening for the position. The ultrasound technician job is fun and it is stressful job because you have in hands of other women life and babies. Also, you get to see the women reactions when they find out if it’s a boy or girl that they will be having. You have to be in ultrasound technician program to have training and hours. You have to work five days a week and eight hours a day. The approximate salary for this job is around 44,000 to 88,000. Dr. Nowak likes his job and on his scale of 1-10 he said 10 because the job is interesting and fun. This job can be really fun and also it can be sad because when something is wrong with the baby than u having to tell the women the bad news. Sometimes you have to say good news or bad news.

While interviewing Andrea E. Fitzsimmons an Register Nurse/ clinical explained to me many aspects of being an register nurse. While interviewing Andrea E Fitzsimmons, an register nurse, I gathered a lot of information useful in choosing a career. Andrea E. Fitzsimmons explained to me many aspects of being a register nurse. During the interview I learned that they are several ways to complete college. First, you have to take basic classes and one year of basic classes that you need to apply for nursing program. After applying to nursing program you have to take 2 years nursing classes to get associates. Than you have to go to University College and take another 4 years to get masters bachelors. The register nurses have to take care of patients they have to get information for the doctors. They have to give the doctor the fill report of the patient. Also, they have to give shots take blood pressures and other things that consider doing while you are a register nurses. It is not hard to find a job but, it goes up and down for the openings. The job is fun and yes the job is stressful because you have a person life in your hand. It takes 20 hours to do training and it takes 3 or 4 times. You have to take 3 or 4 times because every 3 to 4 years you have to retake the training because you are learning new products and new procedures. Andrea E. Fitzsimmons loves her job because she is an OB nurses. She takes care of babies when they are born or when they die. She is a nurse for 29 years and she is happy with her job. She works 7 days a week because she teaching other people too. She is also helping students in Daley College with the questions that they have. The approximate salary for a nurse is around 55,000 plus. When becomes a nurse you have to learn a lot of things and also you learn a lot from people because they are a lot of people with different kind of health problem. While becoming a nurse you have to remember that you have other people life in your hand. So you have to be careful and you have to know the people health problems.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, registered nursing is among the top 10 occupations with the largest job growth. Also according to Explore Health, Registered nursing (RN) requires a large base of knowledge used to assess, plan and intervene to promote health, prevent disease and help patients cope with illness. When providing direct patient care, nurses observe, assess and record symptoms, reactions and progress, which provides the basis for care planning and intervention. They are health educators and advocates for patients, families and communities. This is what a nurse does and I believe that it is pretty responsible job. Nurses have to be great to patient and now be mean. For example, when I was in Emergency room my register nurse was so mean and I was like why is she even a nurse I didn’t said nothing to her and she right away being rude to me.

Since I was in grammar school I always wanted to become a nurse but after seeing other nurse being mean to patients and other patients being mean to nurses. I don’t think being a nurse is an easy fun jib because you never know what kind of people you have to deal with. Everyone is different and everyone has different manners. Some people just want to become a nurses or doctor because of the money they will get paid or because of insurance. I know my neighbor she is a nurse and she always hated her job and once I asked her why she is in a job which she hate and she told me because its good money and she have insurance. I believe that people should do what they love not what they hate. After researching and interviewing I wouldn’t want to be a nurse I want to be a ultrasound technician which this is what I want to do and that I will be happy with. I believe nothing will change my mind because I know what I want to be in future after graduating high school this is what I wanted to be and I research a lot on ultrasound technician. Hopefully my dreams with come too and I will do what I love to do.

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