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Resignation Letters - Samples
From Laura Schneider, former Guide
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The technical industry can be a "small world" where everyone seems to know each other. When it's time to resign from your job, make sure you do so in a way that won't leave a negative impression of you with your previous employer. Here are some technical careers examples of resignation letters to use as a guide to writing your resignation letter. 1. General Letter of Resignation

A very general letter of resignation. Use this resignation letter to resign from a job in any circumstance. Ads
Sample Termination Letterreadyhrdocs.comcomplete solutions for human resource documents Job Openings in SingaporeJobStreet.comFrom POEA Licensed Agencies Sign Up & Apply Now! MapR Hadoop Open, Enterprise-Grade Distribution for Hadoop. Try Now. 2. Resignation Letter - Formal 2 Weeks Notice

A more formal resignation letter giving 2 weeks notice and wishing the manager and company the best. 3. Sample Letter of Resignation
A great, basic resignation letter. Customize this basic resignation letter for your needs. 4. Resignation Letter - Short and Very Basic
Short and to the point, this resignation letter provides the minimum information a resignation letter should include. 5. Sample Resignation Letter - Expressing Regret
A sample resignation letter that can be used when you resign your job. This sample resignation letter expresses regret to be leaving the company. 6. Resignation Letter - Basic, With Two Weeks Notice

A very basic letter of resignation. This resignation letter specifically mentions two weeks notice. 7. Letter of Resignation - All Purpose, Very Polite
A polite, general letter of resignation that you can use as a guide for your resignation. 8. Resignation Letter - Unsatisfactory Work Circumstances
Use this resignation letter as a guide to resigning wen your work circumstances are no longer satisfactory. 9. Sample Resignation Letter
Another general resignation letter example for you to use in crafting your letter of resignation. 10. Resignation Letter - No Notice
A sample resignation letter that can be used when you are unable to give advance notice to your employer. Resignation Letters - Also of Interest
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