Care taker Government

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Mr. Mahbub-Ur Rahman

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 A caretaker government was first introduced in 1990
when three party alliances jointly made a demand for it.
Then It was Constitutionalized in 1996
 A Caretaker government is headed by a Chief Adviser who
enjoys the same power as the regular prime minister of
the country except defense matters. The Advisors
function as Ministers. Since 1996, the Caretaker
government has held the elections of 1996, 2001 and
 The first Parliamentary elections were held by him on 7th May, 1986. The next two elections were Presidential and
Parliamentary one, held on 15th October 1986 and 3rd
March,1988 respectively were boycotted by all the
opposition political parties of Bangladesh including two
main parties i.e. Awami League and BNP


 On December 6, 1990, people’s uprising got rid of
the military Government of General Irshad and a
caretaker government agreed-upon by all political
parties headed by the sitting Chief Justice was
installed to conduct a free and fair election. As a
result, the BNP Government led by Begum Khalida
Zia came into power on 20th March1991
 The BNP government held the general election on
15th February1996 which was widely boycotted by
other political parties as they did not expect a fair
election under BNP.
 In 1996 when the election held by BNP was opposed
by a majority, the Care Taker Government came into
the picture and took over the Electoral Process.


Chief Advisor since 1991           
Justice Shahabuddin Ahmed –
Election of 1991
Justice Muhammad Habibur
Rahman – Election of 1996
Justice Latifur Rahman – Eleciton of
Justice Fazlul Haque – resigned
Profssor Iajuddin Ahmad – was
compelled to resign
Dr. Fakhruddin Ahmad – Election of

 As per Constitution, Justice KM Hasan, the last retired Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was to be the Chief Advisor of the caretaker government.  The opposition parties objected to Hasan’s candidature primarily due to his proximity with Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP)—the Khaleda Zia government had increased the retirement age of Chief Justice from 65 to 67 by amending the Constitution in 2004 to allow Hasan to head the caretaker regime in the event of an election.

 After Justice Hasan’s Quiet retirement, the opposition parties suggested few other names but with BNP refusing to accept any of the names, it was left to the Army to move in and occupy the political space.

 However, after President Iajuddin’s voluntary taking the post of The Chief Advisors, an election was held, but on January 7, the 18- party Opposition alliance led by Awami League (AL) decided to boycott the elections. This


 Dr. Fakhruddin Ahmed’s government was the country’s second caretaker government since October 2006. This government enjoyed the mandate of the Bangladesh Army. The main objective of the government as declared by Fakhuddin Ahmed (on January 11, 2008) was to hold free, fair and credible election. The Constitutional validity of the government, however, was questionable as per.

 Bangladesh’s Constitution, “a Caretaker Government should have been constituted within 15 days of the dissolution of the Jatiya Sangsad and should be in a position to hand over powers to a duly constituted popular government within 90 days after the dissolution of the previous parliament.” Hence, already, this government had completed the stipulated time limit that qualifies itself to be a caretaker government.  However, observers of Bangladesh’s politics suggest that since the main


 First, we have found out that 93 percent...
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