Care: Sociology and Dementia

Topics: Sociology, Health care, Social work Pages: 4 (794 words) Published: June 28, 2014
Assessment 1.3: The experience of living with dementia (4.1) 1- Explain how the factors below can also affect how individuals may experience living with dementia

A) The person age.
The needs of younger people with dementia are often complex and interwoven with psychological, social, financial and practical issues. Older people with dementia will have others ages –related issues that affect them, for example, the loss of a partner and families. B) the level of ability and disability

In the early stage of dementia a person may only have to face with a few difficulties such as memmory problems, but as the dementia progress, they are less able to do things, this can have an enormous effect on the person self-esteem and sense of well being.

6- Outline the impact that positive attitudes and behaviours of others may have on a person with dementia (4.2) Positive attitudes and behaviours have a possitive inpact on the person with dementia , feeling positive about themselves and the enviroment aroun them

Unit 2 The Person-centre approach to the care and support of indiciduals with dementia.

1- Describe what is meant by a person-centred approach
Person-centred approach is when it put the person not the dementia at the centre of everything that healt and social care workerd do, menning, the needs and emotions of each person are the focal point. 2- List the various principles that underpin a person-centred approach to dementia care.

a- Seeing the person first and the dementia second
b- Meeting the psychological needs of people with dementia
c- Respecting the person’s reality
d- The importance of life history work
e- Seeing dementia as a disability

3- Outline the benefits of working with people with dementia in a person-centred manner. A – Improved well-being
B- Reduced agitation and others sings of ill-being
C- The preservation of personhood
D- The creation of a enabling enviroment
E= Decreased distree for family and friends

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