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Case Study
Assessment task 2
Donna Bowie

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Within this essay I am going to discuss my placement setting and the clientele in which they cater for I will also be talking about Psychological and Sociology theorist and apply these to a service user.

My placement is within a homeless unit in Glasgow city centre which is an emergency homeless unit and caters for both male and female aged between 18-35 years old providing person centered support and quality accommodation. The project is registered with the care inspectorate in accordance with the regulations of care (Scotland) act 2001. There are 5 flats with 5 rooms in each with 2 bathrooms and a communal kitchen/dining area. The service users are all different with various problems within their own lives there are there are many different nationalities within the project. "We provide the accommodation to meet your personal and support needs." Placement handbook page 22 Each flat has 2 keyworkers assigned and they are responsible for the service users within their flat. The service users can talk to any of the staff within the Project at any time. There is a minimum of 2 staff present at any time 24 hours per day 7 days per week. . My role within the unit is to assist the service users with various different aspects of daily life i.e. making sure that the service users sign on go to any appointments that is required of them i.e. Doctors, Nurse and if they have to attend any other agencies they require. I am also required to do flat and welfare checks which is carried out on an hourly basis to make sure all service users are ok. If there are any outings within the unit I am required to go along to assist the service users, I also sort any mail that comes in and put it into the correct file for each service user and any general duties that is asked of me. I am also out at service users who are living in the outreach flats to talk to them about where they are wanting to do for their future, help with independent living skills I also help with services users gain access to mental health services and alcohol and drug addiction services. Service users might also need the assistance of a sexual clinic in which we will put them in contact with. Some service users want to go to college or enroll in projects which could be to do outdoor work, or working in voluntarily organisations. At the start of each day I will read both the communications book and log book. This tells me what has happened within the project since I have last been in and if there is anything which is of great importance to watch out for.

The project also has an outreach programme which helps to house the service users within their own tenancy with the council. At present I have been assigned to helping within the outreach programme. The outreach workers help the service users when out in the community, I am helping service users with budgeting of money and any problems they might have with both in the tenancy and there personal life I have also been involved with service users moving into the outreach flats and when ready to move onto their own tenancy, in extreme circumstances the evicting of service users from the outreach flats.

Risk Assessments and reviews can change very quickly and these must be kept up to date at all times these are filled out on paper and onto computer, copies are kept in service users file which is kept in a locked filing cabinet with only the staff having access to these. When service users are moving on to the outreach flats their file is passed on to the staff there and they will then have a chat to the service user to see if the Risk Assessment is accurate and if any changes are needing to be made.

The service user whom I am going to discuss is male aged 24 years and at present has moved from the project unit into 1 of the outreach flats and for the purpose of confidentiality and the Data Protection...

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