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NURS.3208 Nursing Care of Childbearing Families: Clinical Application Written Requirements

DAILY ASSIGNMENTSEach week, daily assignments are to be submitted according to the directions of the clinical instructor. Use Daily Assignment grid (next page).

One daily assignment will include a comprehensive list of all nursing diagnoses consistent with NANDA and ranked in priority order. State a rationale from the course textbook for this priority order. Include at least one family-centered diagnosis.

ALTERNATE ACTIVITYFaculty may assign other activities in order to ensure that a student has met all objectives. If the student is assigned an alternate learning activity, it must be satisfactorily completed.

SELF-EVALUATIONThe student will submit a written self-evaluation which is based on NURS.3208 clinical objectives and includes a summary of the student’s strengths and areas for continued improvement. This self evaluation will be submitted on the date specified by the clinical instructor.

Every written assignment must be the original and individual work of the student. Appropriate utilization of professional terminology, correct spelling, grammar and legible format are required for all assignments. Each assignment must be submitted by the designated due date and time. Student Name__ _______________ DAILY ASSIGNMENT Date of Care___________________

Data Cluster:

Nursing diagnosis: ineffective thermoregulation related TO immature temperature control and decreased subcutaneous body fat


Outcome statement(s) Goal(s)

SMART: Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely

Nursing Plans
(With Theoretical Rationale, Course Textbook Reference)

Include Assessment Data, Lab values, Teaching, Pharmacological & Non-pharmacological measures, and Team Communication Implementation...
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