Care Of The Older Adult Questions

Topics: Ear, Auditory system, Assistive technology Pages: 3 (1002 words) Published: January 12, 2015
a.      Define Baby Boomers-(those born from 1946–1964) reach retirement age (as of 2011). They will make up the world’s largest part of society. In addition, the boomers will be the largest cohort of retirees ever. Also, the boomers may become the most-engaged cohort of older adults. The boomers will be the healthiest cohort of older adults. The boomers will be the best-educated cohort of older adults. First, the boomers will be the longest-lived cohort of older adults. b.      List some of the age related changes that can affect communications-vision loss, hearing loss. Physical processes include listening, speaking, gesturing, reading, writing, touching, and moving. The psychological aspects involve cognitive processes such as attention, memory, self-awareness, organization, and reasoning. Vision, hearing, touch, smell, taste, movement, speech, c.      Define AAC and the patients that would benefit from it. System is “an integrated group of components, including symbols, aids, strategies and techniques used by individuals to enhance communication”. Patients who have the ability to effectively use a prescribed communication system. d.      What is the most commonly used hearing aid? Behind the ear hearing-aide e.      Which hearing aid covers the entire range of hearing loss? Behind the ear hearing-aide f.       What are the two major types of assistive devices used to improve hearing? Assistive listening devices and hearing aids. g.      What are the four major types of assistive listening devices? Personal frequency modulation systems, infrared systems, induction loop systems, and one-to-one communicators. BTE (behind the ear)

BTEs are about 1 inch long and worn behind the outer ear. A small tube connects with the amplification device behind the ear and delivers amplified sound into the ear canal. The device has an adjustable volume control and is battery powered. It is the most common style of hearing aid. These devices are suitable for the entire...
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