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OPTM 3000-001

Project Report Part 1
Care and Share is a nonprofit food bank that is a member of Feeding America, which is a large network of food banks across the Nation. Feeding America gets large donations from their partners such as Kellogg’s Cereal or Nestle, which food banks can purchase based on points. These points are attributed to how many people they serve and how well they comply with the standards of Feeding America. Care and Share processes donations of food and distributes to pantries in the southern region of Colorado, acting as the hub. Care and Share has two facilities one in Colorado Springs which is the 50,000 square feet and one in Pueblo that is 17,000 square feet. In 2009 they built the facility in Colorado Springs to allow more inventory, especially in the refrigeration and freezer capacity. Historical Background

Care and Share was founded more than 35 years ago, in 1974, as a referral agency to coordinate food distribution. They continued to expand from the Pike’s Peak Region into the Southern Region of Colorado. As they expanded to become focused on distribution of food to counties rather than advocacy, they started by leasing smaller facilities but out grew them. Then the organization had to turn away food donations. In 2009 they built a facility that has a taller ceiling, so they can have more shelves and pallets on top of each other, rather than spread out. This also allows the organization of the facility to run more smoothly and efficiently by reducing the number of rows required to store the same volume of inventory. As technology has changed over the years so has their ordering system. They now use Choice System to bid on food donations and for orders from their organizations. Care and Share suffered from a wastage problem. They had three large dumpsters that were emptied daily. They have reduced their waste significantly only requiring 1 dumpster that is emptied twice a week. Their waste is 0.26% which is very low. The organization was able to cut their wastage by giving expired food to a farmer who makes a slurry out of the food, for his pigs. They also make a compost with the food the farmer does not take and the packaging from the food that is compostable. Care and Share also has a better operating systems now that allows them to have a higher inventory turnover. By expanding their warehouse they are able to bundle the shipments better and with less space allowing for more orders to come in. They continue to look for ways to improve their systems and reduce their waste, while still being receptive to customer feedback. Operating System and supply Chain

Care and Share receives their food from donors in the community and from Feeding America; then they distribute the food to nonprofit organizations that have a food program that meets their requirements of safety. Care and Share works as the middleman between Feeding America and food programs in the counties. Operating under a hub and spoke distribution paradigm. The building is a through-put facility, making it easier for their trucks to drop off food to be processed and then for the trucks to pick them up on the other side of the building.

Received from delivery truckShipped out to others

Care and Share’s facility distributes 18.6 million pounds of food per year. It plans to add 6.4 million pounds over the next three years in increments of 2 million pounds. When Care and Share receives the donations of food, they enter their inventory on their website for agencies to place orders that Care and Share can then stage and deliver to them. There is an area where agencies can come to the facility and shop on the floor in the loose item area. The way this process works is under renovation, so it will become a more streamlined process, where agents will see what is at the Bank in real time. This will allow accurate orders to be placed. Expiration dates are put in an online software tool that keeps track of...
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