Care and Administration of Medicines

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Care and Administration of Medicines

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Care & Administration of Medicines

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Unit One
Introduction & Legislation

Pages 3 - 6

Unit One Questions

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Unit Two
What are Medicines / Methods of Administration

Pages 8 - 13

Unit Two Questions

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Unit Three
Prescribing & Monitoring

Pages 15 - 17

Unit Three Questions

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Unit Four
Policies & Procedures / Administration

Pages 19 – 25

Unit Four Questions

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N.B: We are aware that official practice is to use the terms “service users” or “people using this service” to describe those receiving care. We prefer the term “client” and use it throughout our training package.





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Care & Administration of Medicines

Unit One

As of February 2006 nearly half of all nursing and care homes were failing to meet the minimum standard of safe handling of medicines.

The principles for the safe handling of medicines do not vary depending on type of care offered, people cared for or size of business. Your home, and you, have a duty of care to properly handle medication and to support your clients to take their medicines safely

The majority of people living in care homes take some kind of medicine. Some will be administering their own medication; others may take medicines that can only be administered by trained doctors and nurses. As a care worker you will need to be familiar with the medicines taken by your clients and you may even be trained to administer a number of them; you should be aware of issues concerning their control and must have knowledge of your home’s own policies and procedures. As a carer you are most likely to be administering medicines that are taken by mouth, inhaled or applied to the skin; you may also receive specific training to use suppositories and to carry out certain types of injection. Clients requiring medicines that cannot be administered by you should, unless they are selfadministering, be treated by doctors and / or nurses. This course is designed as an introduction to the care and administration of medicines. It will make you think about the type of medicines used in your care home and the reasons for their use; it will also look at how they need to be controlled and administered.

Medicines can be highly dangerous substances and as such must be carefully controlled. It is essential that only competent staff administer medications and that there are suitable in-house policies and procedures for the safe storage and use of all medicines in the home.

Staff administering medications must have received appropriate training that must include:

Basic knowledge of how medicines are used and how to recognise and deal with problems in use

The principles behind all aspects of the home’s policy on medicine handling and records

Administration of medication must be carried out by a designated, appropriately trained member of staff and should be witnessed by a second designated, appropriately trained member of staff.
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