Topics: United States, Cardiovascular disease, Physical exercise Pages: 2 (592 words) Published: November 13, 2006
Cardio respiratory Article

There are a lot of cardio respiratory activities out there to choose from. Yet, many people still have a hard time achieving the goals of cardio respiratory fitness. In the article that I read mentioned that "approximately one-third of adolescents and 14 percent of adults in the U.S. have poor cardio respiratory fitness, with an associated increased prevalence of cardiovascular disease risk factors such as higher total cholesterol and blood pressure levels, according to a study in the December 21 issue of JAMA." Sports Medicine Fitness News.

Why do people have a hard time on achieving their cardio respiratory goals? One main reason, I think, is because of busy lifestyle issues. Many Americans are way too busy with their lives that even a mile jog is time consuming for them. Without achieving their goals of cardio respiratory strengthening, higher illness may associate with it. A common disease out there is called cardiovascular disease. This disease can be defined simply as heart disease or stroke. We hear from all the media outlets that heart disease is among the nations leading killers for both men and women and that almost 1 million Americans die from cardiovascular disease each year. SCARY!!!

In the article it mentioned that United States population has reported that we as Americans are described as a "less physically active society." How could that be? We can see it in the news and it's practically obvious to us that our society does show an increase in obesity. Large amount of extra body fat certainly is at risk for serious health problems. Some possible ways to prevent or decrease the percentage of Americans with obesity are exercising more which will increase your cardio respiratory endurance. Among with exercising also eating healthy can affect results in your body.

In the study done in the article it showed that 16 million United States adolescents and adults younger than fifty qualified in the low fitness...
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