Cardinal Richelieu

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Cardinal Richelieu was born September 9th 1585 in Paris, France into a French family consisting of four siblings, which were also Roman Catholic. Richelieu’s birth name was Armand-Jean du Plessis. Through out Richelieu early years his parents noticed that he was different from any other child at his age range, he had a great capacity of common sense and intelligence for his age. While Cardinal Richelieu was excelling through the early years of school he suffered from a devastating lost of his dad, François du Plessis. François du Plessis was a known solider and courtier who served as the Grand Provost of France. No one in France would expect François du Plessis to die fighting because he was a great solider like no one has seen. Cardinal Richelieu had no choice but to overlook his father’s death and keep pushing forward, he was now forced to look up to his mother Susanne de La Porte. Susanne de La Porte was well known in France for being a daughter of a famous jurist.

As time continued to press on Richelieu was becoming well known in school because of his early academics achievements. At the age of nine he was extremely intelligent and was sent to a college of Navarre in Paris to study philosophy. His college professors were truly amazed by this young mans intelligence and academic scores. Richelieu went on and continued his school works. At the age of 21 he was nominated by King Henry IV to become Bishop of Lucon. While being a Bishop Richelieu remained humbled to his king and to his mother. The king had great faith in Richelieu, because he never failed to do what he was asked. Susanne de La Porte was excited when she found out of the good news that her became a highly respected bishop of France. In 1608 Richelieu went out for six years and devoted himself seriously to his Episcopal duties. Even though Richelieu was a bishop he was still searching for a higher carrier, where his name would mean more to the people of France.

Richelieu’s mother never expected...
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