Cardiff: A Place for Entertainment and Retail

Pages: 2 (812 words) Published: October 10, 2010
On the evidence given in the text Cardiff is a place to be in the world of retail and entertainment where the old is mixed in with the new. It has a history and landmarks to a famous TV show. As retail and entertainment venues draw in the crowds, with that comes noise which they diplomatically stated as ‘the bustle’ but if you are looking for a break then the acres of the peaceful parklands will be the place to go. The text illustrates a place of collective identities where the masses will be drawn by the variety it has to offer as a city and it is not too far from the city centre. A report from Experian noting the city’s growth in the retail market, outdoing cities of a larger scale and bigger population, making Cardiff a more appealing place to be and giving it an edge to their competitors to draw in the crowds. There are many discourses in the text one of which is back to giving the image of a young, vibrant and energetic city which is really a set of ideas to portray it as that. Another is that it illustrates that Cardiff is unique with what it has to offer and more than local. As in Making Social Lives where the country side is assumed to be a place for quality of life and the city is a place of doom, the text in this assignment really encourages the reader to get excited about going to Cardiff. In the text the residents of Cardiff are given the social identities of being young, full of life, culture and are as excited about tomorrow as to what they are about today with ongoing plans for the future. In a whole the text really paints the people of Cardiff as exciting and vibrant, just waiting to welcome and entertain you. Being in touch with technology as they offer you to view more about Cardiff on a video sharing website also suggest that they are up to date with modern technology once again suggesting that Cardiff is fresh and up to date. In the heading they put the English version then in Welsh; this also gives the residents their own unique...
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