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Hokie Golf - The all weather golf game

Object of Game

Hokie Golf is similar to regular golf. Each player tries to get the lowest number of points each time the cards are dealt. The cards are dealt either 9 or 18 times depending on how long of a game you wish to play.

The Game Consists of:
These Card CountsThese Card Counts
5 Sand Trap Cards10 points2 Hole in One Cards-3 points
5 In The Rough Cards10 points3 Eagle Cards-2 points
5 Water Hazard Cards10 points7 Birdie Cards-1 point
5 Out of Bound Cards10 points8 Par Cards 0 points
9 Double Bogey Cards 2 points9 Bogey Cards 1 point

There are two cards called Mulligan Cards. These cards can count as 15 or -5 points according to how they are used.

Each Sand Trap Card, In the Rough Card, Water Hazard Card, and Out of Bounds Card counts 10 points.

The rest of the deck is made up of 48 cards with numbers from 3 to 8. Each of these cards count as their face value.

The score card is similar to a regular golf card. It has score blanks from 1 to 18. You can play either a 9 or 18 hole game depending on how long of a game you wish to play.



How to Play the Game

Shuffle the cards and deal four cards (face down) to each player. PLAYERS CAN LOOK AT ONLY TWO OF THE FOUR CARDS THAT WERE DEALT FACE DOWN TO THEM. Then all four of the cards are placed down in front of them and cannot be looked at again until discarded. The balance of the deck of cards are placed face down in the center of the table. Turn the top card of the deck face up and place it next to the deck; this becomes the discard pile.

The player left of the dealer starts by taking a card from either the deck or the discard pile. The player can look at the card he has drawn. He then must discard one of the cards face down in front of him and replaces it with the card just drawn. He...
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