Card 405 Career Research

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Career Research Development Devry University. Example paper of job research techniques utilizing hidden research on internet.

Career Research Assignment

Scenario:You just found out that your spouse received a promotion at his/her job. The only problem is that this promotion will force you to move to another state. Fortunately, you have just graduated from DeVry University and are ready to obtain a position with your new degree. Before you go, you want to do some research.

What type of position will you will be seeking and in which state?

I will be looking for a database administrator position in Omaha, Nebraska.

What type of salary can you expect for this position in your new state?

Average database administrator salary in Omaha, NE = $68,000 Average salary of jobs with related titles range between $58,000 and $96,000

The following graph shows a wider range of salaries, giving me a better idea of the actual possibilities of obtaining employment that will adequately support my needs.

Salary Data for Database Administrator in Omaha, NE as of September 2008

25th percentileMedian75th percentile

What is the “official” (such as the information provided in The Occupation Outlook Handbook Online located in the Webliography) employment outlook for this position in your new state?

Nebraska Job Outlook: Overview of the Fastest Growing Careers in Nebraska (NE) Nebraska is known as the 'Cornhusker State'. The largest economic sector for Nebraska is agriculture. Therefore, one would expect jobs in agriculture to be a fast growing career area. But technological improvements have enhanced productivity requiring fewer workers in this sector. So what careers are hot in Nebraska? … How about a network systems and data communications analyst or a database manager?

2004-2014 Occupational Projections for Omaha Consortium
SOC CodeSOC TitleA. Estimated Empl 2004B. Projected Empl 2014C. Openings due to GrowthD. Average Annual Growth OpeningsE. penings From Replace- mentsF. Average Annual Replace- mentsTotal Openings = C + EAvg Annual Openings = D + FNumeric Change = B minus A 11-3021 Computer and Information Systems Managers 13031603300302372453754300 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska
7261 Mercy Road
Omaha, NE 68124

SQL Database Administrator

Position Description
Major Job Function:
1.Responsible for all aspects of database operations in Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005 environment. 2.Responsible to ensure high availability and integrity across all the database servers in the enterprise. 3.Participates in the design, creation, and maintenance of MS SQL Server databases. 4.Responsible for quality control and auditing of databases to ensure accurate and appropriate use of data. 5.Ability to work with management to develop database strategies to support business needs. 6.Ability to advise and consult with users on accessing various databases, and to resolve data conflicts and inappropriate use of data.

Steven S Martin President and Chief Executive Officer
Lewis E Trowbridge Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer Company started in 1939 in Nebraska now with 1200 employees. “A mutual insurance company, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska is financially strong, with a Standard & Poor's rating of A.” Employment prospects good because company is older, well-established and has...
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