Carbon nanotubes

Topics: Nanomaterials, Optical properties of carbon nanotubes, Graphite Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: October 31, 2013
Carbon Nanofibers
Carbon nanofibers can simply be known as nanostructures with bonded carbon atoms that has a molecule composed entirely of carbon in shape of hollow sphere, ellipsoid or tube. The layers are usually wrapped up to form carbon nanotubes. Nanotubes are usually constructed with length-to-diameter ratio of up to 132,000,000:1. Basically, carbon nanofibers can be used very commonly in future as the technology for it is really taking its shape. It can be used for sensors, bone growth, and so on. References and their summaries

1. Carbon nanofiber yet makes smart yarn
This reference basically talks about how carbon nanofiber can be used in various fields such as- a. Carbon nanofiber is considered one of hardest components in the world. It might be used to make stronger kevlars ever. b. We may also make bandages that can put a large amount of pressure to contract. c. Artificial muscles powered by electricity - much lighter than current hydraulics d. Would make it easier to incorporate electronic sensors and actuators into clothing.

2. KP Jong Book Inorganic Chemistry
In this book, he literally summarizes everything about carbon nanofibers. He compares carbon nanofibers with carbon containing gases. As he describes Carbon nanofibers (diameter range, 3–100 nm; length range, 0.1–1000 µm) have been known for a long time as a nuisance that often emerges during catalytic conversion of carbon-containing gases. The recent outburst of interest in these graphitic materials originates from their potential for unique applications as well as their chemical similarity to carbon nanotubes. Well he focuses on the growth of nanofibers using metallic particles as a catalyst to precipitate the graphitic carbon. 3. Kang, I., Mr. (n.d.). Introduction to carbon nanofibers. In this Book Kang introduces carbon nanofibers and talks about various types of carbon nanofibers. Various types of carbon nanofibers are CNF(Actual Carbon nanofibers), Multi Wall Carbon nanotubes...
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