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Carbon Cycle Essay

By Rasoolni Nov 30, 2014 256 Words

Carbon cycle essay

I eat some corn during lunch and then cellular respiration takes place. During the process of cellular respiration the glucose and oxygen I took in will be turned into carbon, water, and ATP. I will expel this carbon through my lungs. This carbon then is used by photosynthesis of phytoplankton in the water. During the photosynthesis that takes place, sunlight, water, and carbon are taken in by the plankton and then a fish eats this phytoplankton and this organism dies. When the fish dies it decomposes, and when organisms decompose they release carbon dioxide into the air. When the carbon dioxide is in the air it is used by some spinach plants. The spinach plant uses the carbon dioxide during a process called photosynthesis. The actual carbon is used during the light independent stage which is the Calvin cycle. An animal eats this plant and then through the process of cellular respiration it releases the carbon by breathing it out. These carbon atoms are used by an angiosperm whose leaves use carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. This plant decomposes and it releases the carbon molecules once again into the air. Once the carbon is in the air again a lettuce plant uses it and this lettuce plant is picked by a farmer. The farmer then packs and sells the lettuce. Where Eugene Simon’s chef buys it and uses it in a salad. Then the carbon molecules that were once in my body are now in Eugene Simon’s as he eats the salad.

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