Car Rental System

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Car Rental System Analyze

I planned that my car rental system has the next variables: 1. For the car: Plate number, car name, car color, car speed, and rental status. 2. For the customer: Last name, first name, birthdate, telephone number, cellphone number and address. 3. For the employee’s: Last name, first name, address, position, telephone number, cellphone number and birthdate.

The rental database should have information’s:
1. When was the car rented (date)
2. When was the car returned (date)
3. How much days is the car rented
4. How big was the deposit (reservation)
5. The final payment for the customer
6. Discount value (0%,10%,20%)
7. Customers name and sure name.
8. Employee name and sure name.

The payment of the employer is going to depend on the number of cars he rents -Payment + bonus .
Bonus = 2% of payment for 0-5 cars.
Bonus = 4 % of payment for 5-10 cars.
Bonus = 8 % of payment for >10 cars.

The main function of this program is make the job of a rental firm easier. For example it could help the employees to save time (fill the spaces and print). With this program the company will have the hole database on one place. The price of the renting is going to depend on the car quality , days of renting , and period in the year .

Car_Id| Plate_no| Brand| Color| Speed| Rental| Status| 1| J3M 9G0| AUDI| RED| 230 mph| 200| 1|
2| B3I 5H7| BMW| BLUE| 300 mph| 300| 1|
3| A3Z 1R3| HONDA | GREY| 300 mph| 300| 2|
4| A4C 4R5| TOYOTA| BLACK| 250mph| 500| 1|
5| Q3S 123| SMART| blue| 120mph| 100| 2|

Cus_Id| Lastname| Firstname| Address| Cellphone_no| Telephone_no| Birthdate| 1| Gekic| Dino| Sarajevo Stup| 061-985464| 4545485| 12/25/2008| 2| Pandzo| Rijad| Sarajevo Dobrinja| 062-544894| 776| 10/6/2008| 3| Vural| Halit|...
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