Car and the 1950

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Cars and 1950's: They Go Hand in Hand

Cars, during the 1950's this new invention was amazing, it was thought of as a thing of the future. Cars and new fangled inventions were all the rage. However people didnt quite see the bad side of the car industry.No technology has had a greater impact on American everyday life than the automobile. Where we live, how we work, how we travel, what our landscape looks like, our environment have all been profoundly shaped by the car. Detroit was at the center of it all, the cars,Detroit was ideally situated to be a center of the American automobile industry. Detroit was in the center of America's industrial heartland. Everything needed to make cars was right at the fingetips of the 3 major producers by Great Lakes waterways and by rail. The coal regions of mountainous Pennsylvania and West Virginia were no more than a day away by rail. The great steel mills of Pittsburgh, Youngstown, Cleveland, Gary, and Chicago were all within a few hundred miles of the city.

The automobile industry was labor-hungry. Aspiring auto workers flooded into the city from the rural hinterlands of the midwest, which provided a ready supply of workers who had been displaced by the decline of the logging industry and the travails of small farming.People left there hometown to move to rural cities like Detroit, or Pittsburg to try and make it in the autmobile industry. It was hard becuase people built up the automobile industry to something it was but at the same time definitly wasnt. Everyone had a car, and the manufacturing plants employed at least 50% of the cities, So
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