Car Accident

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Auto Accidents

Why should people be more careful when there driving? Well because they can cause an accident or accidents. Accident is an unexpected action that happens in a particular place and time. There are many reasons why people have auto accidents, but there are some main causes.

Driving above the legal speed limit increases a drivers chance of getting in a car accident. The people that speed are not only risking their life’s, they are risking the other drivers life to. The drivers that speed probably think that there’s no law or something because at that time they don’t care. I think that the law should be more strict about people that go above the legal speed limit.

Cell phones are a distraction why people have accidents to. There are a couple of thousands of deaths and a couple of hundred thousands injuries in the united states every year. People shouldn’t use their cell phones while they drive specially to text message, because they need to have there eyes at the road not at the cell phone screen. They should not be talking either because they might have a good conversation and forget about the wheel and that their driving.

Drunk driving may also cause auto accidents. Drunk drivers are not sober they are under alcohol influence, and that don’t let them control themselves. People should drink but at their house, why risk their life’s and other peoples? They should walk or not even go no where when ever there under the alcohol influence.

Here are some tips to avoid auto accidents: Never drink and drive, Keep attention to the road, Don’t speed, and don’t get distracted. If you fallow those tips there are going to be no auto accidents, maybe you will but not over stupid reasons like these.
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