Car Accident

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An Important Learning Experience

Everyone makes mistakes. No matter who you are, I would venture to say that there’s been at least one time in your life when you’ve done something and wished you would have approached it differently. It’s just a fact of life that things don’t always work out the way that they are intended to. Especially the first time around, or when it’s something new. Like when you’re a child growing up and you trip over your loose shoe string that you forgot to tie, and fall down and scrape your knee. Or when you take a wrong turn down a long road and end up farther away from your destination than planned. Things like this happen all off the time. As you go through life, you will make mistakes, which is perfectly normal. The most important thing, is that you learn from them.

A lot of times, some of the mistakes that we make are very much unexpected. They can be small, or they can also bear serious consequences. This was the case for me. One afternoon a friend invited me over to their house to hang out for a while, and so I decided to go. I also convinced another friend to come along with me. We ate and played video games, and after a few hours had passed, we decided that we should start heading home. On the way home, everything was fine. The radio was playing, and I was singing along with it in my head. Ryan who was sitting in the passenger seat was opening a 2 liter of soda that I had recently bought, and was struggling to get it open. I took my eyes off of the road for a second to watch him. At that moment I heard a horn coming from another car. I looked up and saw a green car in front of me that I was about to hit. There was no avoiding it. A lot of people say that when you’re involved in an accident or something similar, you sometimes see your life flash before your eyes. That didn’t happen for me. There was no time for that. Everything happened so fast. My truck rammed into the passenger side of the turning car.

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