Capulet Party Description

Topics: Water, Juliet Capulet, Blue Pages: 1 (307 words) Published: January 31, 2001

After the party was over the noise was tremendously loud everybody was walking on top of each other like alligators on top of each other fighting over a fish. The walkthrough was full of foots steps chasing each other one after the other. Mr. Capulet was waiving to everyone and saying thank you for coming with most devilish smile I've ever seen with his polish sword in the side of him waiting to strike like a furious tiger waiting to hunt down his prey. Lady Capulet gossiping with the nurse, but the nurse was not really paying attention to her she looked exhausted and tire and she looked at me with flirting eyes that made a young man blush.

With wondering eyes I looked a Juliet, she had the most beautiful smile god had ever created her chicks looked like red apples from the orchard. The orchard was very sticky like if the worms had eating fresh apples for dinner. The moon light made Juliet's hair looked like fresh drinking water on a desert with no water. When the natural light hit the orchard tree the red apples looked like big red rubies.

The Capulet house shape like a huge Indian tent with a balcony, which looked like a bathing tub with fresh spring water with red roses and shining apples. The color blue of house reflected on Juliet's gorgeous eyes. The texture of the house showed me likes and dislikes of the Capulet' because it had angels with bow and arrows striking at a broken heart. The windows tinted with green little cubes looked like eyes that were watching me and telling me don't dare touch my daughter. But I tried to concentrate on the beauty of Juliet and the rhyming of her words describing how she felt about me.
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