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This paper delves into the emotional aspect of the book Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge. In this paper, I will explain how the heart of a woman operates as expressed by Mr. and Mrs. Eldredge. I will go into depth about the daily questions women face within themselves, and I will illustrate how to repair those bruises women acquire over time. This paper will also contain material from outside recourses including: the course textbook, Communication and Gender, an interview with John and Stasi Eldredge, an article by Christian Communicators Worldwide, and the movies “ Pearle Harbor “ and “ My Big Fat Greek Wedding “.

Discovering a Women’s True Beauty
The intention of the novel Captivating is to inspire women to be wonderfully beautiful, unguarded people by God’s creation. Its purpose is also to revive the heart of a damaged woman. Although this book was written specifically for women, both Stasi and her husband John Eldredge author it. It provides a deep look into who God designed women to be, how women have developed hurt and have become detached from being beautiful, unguarded individuals and what having remorse of this exemplifies. This book suggests devoting oneself to God for the transformation in becoming the woman God organized her to be and for the restoration of those wounds that suggest women are not worthwhile to love including the wounds that say women are not beautiful creations.

God’s perception of beauty is not simply limited to physical beauty. It entails a root of soul and character that nurtures and reassures the need for relaxation in others. With beauty being one of the principles of God, he devised his daughters to be Beautiful as well. Beauty is an essential aspect of a woman. However, with beauty embodying vulnerability and the world being untrustworthy, the world will wound. One can respond in three ways to this. One reaction is fearing that God is untrustworthy and making a self-promise not to be vulnerable, which shapes a domineering and self-sufficient woman. A second reaction is searching for something or someone that convinces one to feel beautiful which molds a colorless, empty woman. Finally, the most difficult response is to attend to God and to be prepared to be vulnerable despite the inability to be promised one will be acknowledged.

The heart of a woman is the very first thing Stasi Eldredge describes to her readers in hers and her husband’s book, Captivating. A woman’s heart is core to who she is. Deep down, us women desire to be three things. Firstly, we possess a fascination to be romanced, to be chased after, and to be adored by someone. This can be in the respect of as a little girl, having a huge desire to be treasured by daddy or as a young woman, longing for a male companion to provide these qualities for us. With me being a 20-year-old college student, most might believe I do not want a relationship given my age, but that would be false. Despite my age and being in college, I too have this longing desire to be romanced and cherished by a man. I believe the only reason I crave this at my age is that I have experienced it in true form and have never been so happy in my life then when I was with my longtime boyfriend. He did an excellent job at portraying the passion and love he had for me, which I feel is why I find myself searching for that, now that I do not have it anymore. Secondly, “An irreplaceable role in a great adventure” (Stasi Eldredge, p.11). Us women possess something fiery in our hearts. We have an undeniable ability to defend and fight for those we care about when we feel they are being threatened. Women want to be the hero too, but in our own feminine way. An example Stasi Eldredge uses in her book is in the movie Pearl Harbor when the nurses come to the aid of hundreds of dying soldiers in the middle of a terrifying assault with the purpose to save their lives. That was an opportunity of risk and reward, which is something women love to...

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