Captain Underpants and the Big Bad Battle of the Bionic Bugger Boy, Part I

Topics: Captain Underpants, 2009 singles, Tissue Pages: 2 (471 words) Published: January 21, 2007
A frustrated boy-genius is mad at his classmates Harold and George. But Harold and George have better things to do than listen to the boy genius, named Melvin Sneedly, whine all the time. Captain Underpants comics is used by Harold and George to embarrass other people. Desperate for attention, Melvin tries to become Bionic Boy, but instead, he sneezes at the last second, and becomes Bionic Bugger Boy. Everyone laughs and stays away from Bionic Bugger Boy (Melvin). Friends and classmates go to the tissue factory on a field trip. George and Harold do not like the tissue factory, but Melvin truly hates it. Harold and George snuk away while the tissue-maker was throwing tissues on Melvin (Bionic Bugger Boy), making Melvin angry. Instead of helping, the tissue-maker throws more and more tissues at Melvin while he keeps growing bigger and bigger. Just as Harold and George were snapping their fingers for Captain Underpants to appear, Captain Underpants realized he did not have the red and black-dotted cape, so he could not fly. Kids as they are, Harold and George just had to do something. Losing hope, Harold and George finally found a red and black curtain that could be used as a cape. Meanwhile, Melvin (Bionic Bugger Boy) was getting bigger and bigger by the second. Not giving up, Captain Underpants finally appears. Outrageous battle begins between Captain Underpants and Bionic Bugger Boy. Pinched in the bottom of Melvin's hand, a lady was saved by Captain Underpants. Quickly, the lady was kissing Captain Underpants all over the face, wearing off the effects of the Captain Underpants' powers, turning him back into the mean, old principal. Rescuing the lady was a mistake for Captain Underpants because now he was losing his powers. So then Harold and George started snapping their fingers trying to turn the principal back into Captain Underpants, but there was too much slober all over his face from the lady kissing him. To try and help their son,...
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