Captain Tory

Topics: Sailing, Captain, Phonation Pages: 4 (1311 words) Published: December 14, 2013
Daniel Yu
Ms. Sheehan
ELA-Period F
October 16, 2013
Captain Tory

“Wake up everyone! It’s time to start another great day!” Ben woke up with a start. “Can I sleep a little longer? I still feel worn-out from yesterday,” yelled another child. Ben peered out the small window that was installed in the attic and wondered if he would ever meet his parents? He had been dreaming of them even more lately. He put on a small worn old shirt and jeans and stepped cautiously down the squeaky old stairs. He observed the little hall that served as the living room, kitchen, and play area. “Ugh, more plain old cereal,” Ben groaned.

“I’m sorry but it’s all we have,” Ms. Adams said. She had a rather bony face, weathered from many years of work. Her creaky voice sometimes made him think more of what his parents would have ever been like. It reminded him of something that he tried to remember but could not pull from his memory. Ben, the youngest, was smart, but short and shy. Unfortunately for him, he was the smallest and was bullied by many children at the orphanage. After breakfast, the children had a routine walk around the center of the fishing village. As Ben was putting on his chocolate colored boots, he noticed a slip of paper at the bottom of the boot. “Hmm, what’s this here?” he pondered. He picked up the note and unraveled it. It read: Dear Mr. Ben Arthurs,

I have written this note to tell you that I want to assist you in finding your parents. I am part of a secret organization that helps lost children find their parents. You can trust me and I will help you a great deal. I expect you at the harbor during the evening.

An extra note: I am bearded and look like a ship captain.
Thank you, Anonymous
“That’s interesting,” Ben said. He immediately stuffed the note in his pocket. “What did you say Ben?” asked Ms. Adams.
“Oh, nothing Ms. Adams, I was just thinking about how great it would be to be on a boat sailing though the ocean.” “Go let your...
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