captain scott

Topics: Robert Falcon Scott, South Pole, Roald Amundsen Pages: 3 (650 words) Published: May 29, 2014

Captain Scott

Title: Captain Scott
Author: M. E. Carter.
Illustrated by: Louis Ward.
Country: United Kingdom.
Genre: Science Fiction Novel.
Publisher: John Lane.
Publication Year: 1950.
Printed in: Hong Kong by Peninsula Press Ltd.
Theme: Doing something for science.
Characters :
1. Robert Falcon Scott: The explorer.
2. E. Wilson (uncle Bill): A doctors, Artist, Zoologist, Head of Scientific Staff. 3. Nannie: Is the old nurse of scott archie.
4. Archie: The younger sister of Scott.
5. Sir Clements: Advicer Scott before doing the journey. 6. Captain L. Oates: Soldier, captain in the navy.
7. Lieut. E. Evans: As Teddy.
8. Lieut. H. Bowers: As Birdie.
9. G. Simpson (Sunny Jim): Meteorologist.
10. T. G. Taylor (GRiff), F. Debenham, R. Priestly: Geologist. 11. E. Nelson: Biologist.
12. C Wright (Silas): Physicist.
13. H. Ponting (Ponco): Camera Artist.
14. T. Gran: Ski Expert.
15. A. Cherry-Garrard: Assistant Zoologist.
16. And Twelve Seamen
1. Setting of time: In 1891-1913.
2. Setting of place: In London, In New Zealand, In Antartict, On The Ship. Summary:
In boyhood scott live with her family in England. Robert Falcon Scott was born on june 6,1868. Everyday he rode to school by his pony, Bepo. Sometimes he slipped from his horse, but he never afraid with that. At the age of fifteen scott became a midshipman. He began to conquered his bodily weakness and his childish faults in the navy. In 1891 he graduate from the amphion and he get a lieutenant. Scott was plan this trip to south pole with Sir Clement and everything will prepared. Scott has a high standart of conduct, intelligence, scientific, knowledge and qualities of leadership made him more fifted than any other man to undertake the great adventure in the antartic. In the other hand scott was assured of a fine career in the navy...
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