Captain Philips: The True Story

Topics: Piracy, Ship, Royal Navy Pages: 1 (442 words) Published: March 13, 2014
Captain Phillips
Ahmed Abdulfattah
Captain Phillips is a movie based on a real story. An American ship traveling by Africa with a crew and a captain, the captain’s name is Captain Phillips. Captain Phillips is the captain of the Maersk ship a cargo ship. While the ship is traveling by Africa to deliver goods they notice on the radar that something is blinking that means that someone is near but they thought it wasn’t anything but they noticed that it wasn’t stopping on the radar it would just come closer. Captain Phillips took a pair of binoculars and looked back he sees it’s a small boat with some type of people on it as they come closer he notices that there are Somalia pirates chasing them. Everyone gets ready and the Captain Calls mayday on the radio then tells his crew to go hide. The Somalia pirates take out a long ladder and lean it against the boat then they climb up. They have guns and four men Muse the leader of the Somalia pirates asks Captain Phillips where is your crew shouting and the captain says it’s only me. The pirates don’t believe him but ask for money and the captain gives them 100,000 dollars and says that’s all I have so that Muse and his crew will leave, the pirates are not satisfied and ask for millions. After that Muse forces captain Phillips to tell him where his crew is he doesn’t tell them so two of them go down searching and two of the other stay up there to make sure no one comes out and escapes. While going down one of Muses men step on glass and are hurt. Then he and his other partner are captured by captain Phillips men. The captain and Muse are forced to make a deal the deal was to let muses men go and take the 100,000 dollars and leave, the captains agree and then let muses men go then since muses men have guns and Captains crew is harmless they take Captain Phillips as hostage and fled so they can take him to Somalia and use him to blackmail America. The navy knows that it’s a threat and they were alerted when Captain...
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