Captain Gopinath

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The aim of this report is to study about one of the leading entrepreneurs in an industry. This report focuses on Captain GR Gopinath, the person who revolutionized the Indian aviation industry by providing it with low cost carriers.


The Indian aviation industry is a niche market and is one of the fastest growing in the world frontier; becoming an integral part of the Indian economy. The influence of liberalization on Indian aviation had drastic consequences, which reflected in the shift of industry from being a government owned to a private owned sector. Air travel has progressed from the introductory stage to the growth stage due to the sudden increase in need, competition and advancements in technology with the main purpose revolving around leisure and business.


Gorur Ramaswamy Iyengar Gopinath or Captain Gopinath was born in a farmer’s family in the small village of Gorur in the Hassan district of Karnataka, India. Gopinath’s father did not send him to school in his early years of life, as he believed that children should be kept away from the burden of examinations. Being a teacher as well, his father taught him at home. Gopinath had the aspirations for himself and society that motivated him to start low cost airlines in India. He had an idea about the Indian market and his aspirations led him to give rise to a successful venture.


This section of report deals with the life of Captain Gopinath and; includes the different phases of his life ranging from his childhood days to his days of becoming a successful entrepreneur.


Captain Gopinath was born along the banks of Hemavathyin the Gorur village of Karnataka.

The village of Gorur like any other Indian village had a defined social hierarchy comprising of different castes like Brahmins, fishermen, shopkeepers, carpenters and other tradesmen. The Brahmins were considered most superior of them all while the Dalit colony was regarded as the inferior most in the society. Captain Gopinath was bought up in a society, which had the problems of caste system, poverty and unawareness regarding the social aspects of life but still his father made sure that he got the best of education which provided him with a strong base.


Gopinath’s father did not send him to school for the first few years of his life as he had a different perception. After a few years he was sent to a normal school in the village where he studied mathematics, social studies and science. The medium of learning was Kannada, the native language, while English was being taught as just another subject. During his tenure in school Gopinath sat in an entrance for SainikSchool. He failed to clear the first time, as the exam was in English but passed it the second time as the government changed the medium of exam to Kannada due to the objection raised by Gopinath’s current school headmaster (Business, 2010).

The time spent at Sainik School helped Gopinath to learn new things in life. He had classmates from different parts of the country with diverse languages and habits. Gopinath’s life at Sainik School was disciplined as the students had a fixed time for breakfast, sports, studies, dinner and sleep.

Figure [ 1 ]


After completing his schooling, Gopinath joined the National Defense Academy (NDA), which offered advanced and well-rounded training. While at NDA, Gopinath went through a series of physical and mental rigors that steeled him to face extreme conditions in the future. He also spent another year at the Indian Military Academy (IMA) in Dehradun in order to be commissioned as an officer in the Indian Army (Business, 2010). Captain Gopinath served the army for eight years where he was also a part of the 1971 Bangladesh liberation war.


The government of India...

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