Captain America

Topics: Captain America, World War II, Falcon Pages: 2 (668 words) Published: October 17, 2007
Superhero essay: Captain America

As a child he stood out from the rest, something was different about him and no one could figure it out. Who knew that Steve Rogers would one day be saving the world from the evil Nazi's and the Axis powers. Steve Rogers was born during the Great Depression into a poor family and was always seen as being very week (Wikipedia). Tragically he loses both of his parents very young, his father when he is just a child, and his mother when he is in his teens. He decides to study fine arts in school and focusing on illustrations. After Rogers sees the terrible crimes Hitler has committed in Europe, he tries to enlist in the army but is rejected and not allowed to join due to his frail appearance (Marvel). At this point in Steve Roger's life story, an army officer offers him a chance to be a test subject in Operation: Rebirth. Operation: Rebirth was a top-secret government project that was trying to create s super-soldier formula.

After weeks of testing and what not, Rogers emerges with the perfect human body. He is given a uniform with the colors red, white and blue to symbolize the American flag. Rogers is also given a shield and the name Captain America. His mission is to target the Red Skull, which is the Nazi's and Axis power's in Europe and to protect his country (Marvel). The Red Skull, is the Captain America's only enemy from World War II. James "Bucky" Barnes soon becomes his sidekick and they head off to go and protect the world from all the evil people. He serves as a symbol of freedom and American pride during this hard time. After the war is over, Captain America falls into the Artic Ocean and is temporarily frozen there, until decades later he is saved by the new crime fighting group called the Avengers (Wikipedia). He becomes a very important crime fighter in this group, and saves the world yet again from many bad things. Eventually Captain America sees what the war between him and other superheroes is doing to the...
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