Capstone Analysis

Topics: Police, Computer security, Computer network Pages: 2 (285 words) Published: September 7, 2014

Capstone Analysis
Sabrina Fazendin
July 13, 2014
Sara Burnette
Capstone Analysis
Cybercrime is defined as any crime that is conducted via the Internet or another computer network. When it comes to cybercrime it is very easy for someone to fall victim to it. We use computers for everything; searching the internet, shopping, accessing our bank accounts, email, and online gaming are some examples. Communication is faster and much more reliable than in the past which has allowed more to be accomplished in any given day. The problem is just like anything else; vulnerability. There are individuals that hack into computers as well as networks of businesses and government agencies. The problem is that sensitive data can be stolen and/or destroyed. There needs to be more focus on the security of computers and the internet. Regular stories featured in the media on computer crime include topics covering hacking to viruses, web hackers, to internet pedophiles, sometimes accurately portraying events, sometimes misconceiving the role of technology in such activities. The increase in cybercrime has been documented in the news media. Both the increase in the incidence of criminal activity and the possible emergence of new varieties of criminal activity pose challenges for the legal system, as well as for law enforcement. Some of the things I do to try and prevent falling victim to cybercrime is keeping the latest version of virus software on my computers. Using strong passwords that only my family knows. I do not fall prey to online offers of things like free TVs, or you have won $1,000. In general, I feel that in this day and age you really need to be aware of your surrounding and that also includes the cyber world.
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