Topics: Crime, Prison, Criminal justice Pages: 3 (848 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Lisa Ramos
Lyle Martin
CJA 484

Future Trends

In this paper the writer will cover the topic of the future trends in the California department of corrections and rehabilitation system. It will explore the budgetary and managerial impacts that are thought to be expected in the future, as well as an explanation on the reasons behind the thought. Other components of the criminal justice system will also be explored and discussed.

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation also known as CDCR, is a staple in California's Criminal Justice system, houses and rehabilitates convicted criminals after they are sentenced in a court of law. Housing can include Prison, youth authority, halfway houses, fire camps, rehabilitation centers and jails there are over 190,000 inmates housed within California's correctional facilities. These facilities are mandated and ran by the state of California and funded by the state and government. In recent years the CDCR has been hit with numerous budget cuts greatly affecting operation and services that are available to inmates.

Currently it costs an estimated $47,102 to house just one inmate for the year with close to $20,000 being spent on security for the inmate. In research studies it is shown that a family of 6 can comfortably live on that yearly income with a house payment, car payment, insurance, food bills and utilities, so why does it cost so much to care for just one person with bare minimums? Budget cuts hit California every year and our education and health care systems are hit the most. When budget cuts hit the California Corrections system hey release inmates causing the crime rate and re offender rates to go up causing more trouble and making the court and probation systems overwhelmed. Instead of releasing inmates cuts should be made to the services the inmates receive, people are in prison because they committed a crime and are paying for it they should have the bear...
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